Fertility Over 40


What can I do to increase my fertility now that I’m over 40?


Many women are having children in their 40s these days, and I think it’s great that they can have families during a phase of their lives when they have the time and resources to love a child. After 40, fertility can be a concern, but technically as long as you are still menstruating the potential to conceive and carry a child remains.

Ideally a woman wanting to conceive in her 40s would come see me to get a custom herbal formula and dietary/lifestyle guidance, but there are some ways to improve fertility on your own and increase your chances of becoming pregnant now.


Good nutrition, and by this I don’t mean starving yourself on salads to loose inches off your waste or because you’ve come to believe that raw veggies are the ideal food for health. I mean NUTRITION: good oils, like coconut, olive, ghee or butter, in your daily diet. Also, add in enough meat protein—at least once a day. Go for some red meats for extra iron. You are laying down the building blocks for a new life! For vegetarians, you may be at a disadvantage in the realm of fertility. To build the body up so it can support a new life, you need to nourish yourself with “building foods”. These are cooked foods with whole grains, and root veggies along with the meats and oils. Always cook with some spices to aide digestion and assimilation of nutrients: garlic, ginger, onion, basil, cilantro, etc.

Get exercise, not only the aerobic types, but also those that relax your body and calm your nervous system. You need to create a receptive “container” for a new life to grow in. So, put a focus on stress-reducing activities: yoga, meditation, walking, time in nature, baths, and visits to the ocean. Become “Receptive” vs. overly “Active”. Rethink your “to do” list and practice self-care and nurturance.

When you meditate or walk, talk lovingly to yourself and to your future child. If your mind is sending your body “negative messages” about your ability to conceive, and the like, you are creating an energetically negative and non-receptive environment for what you wish to create. The message needs to be phrases like these, “I am ready for a child. I deserve to have a child. I am ready to love a child. I have made space in my life for a child”. You can even talk directly to your future child, “I have created a loving home for you”, or “I am ready to love you”, etc.

Now for the herbal piece:

Vitex (Vitex agnus-castus), or Chaste Tree Berry
Take this herb daily. It will help regulate the menstrual cycle and encourage the regular releasing of an egg. It also has the added benefit of reducing symptoms of PMS. Read more about it on wiki.

Fertile Garden from Health Concerns
Try this product. Be consistent with it, as it will take time to boost fertility. Consider taking double the recommended dose as is on the label. Fertile Garden is based on a traditional Chinese formula (Yi Guan Jian), used historically to aide fertility. It is of special benefit to women in their 30s and 40s because it can restore blood and yin, which gradually decrease with age. The combination of herbs in the formula come from Western, Ayurvedic and Chinese tradition, which have a history of regulating hormone balance and calming the mind and spirit.

Blessings on your journey to motherhood…

Let me know if you want more support and guidance.